Project New Moses, our mission

Project New Moses is an idea of Father Gianni Mometti, born with the help of Gianfranco Paghera. They had already worked together with the project “Amazzonia 501”, with the aim of helping poor people near the Amazon Rainforest and for the reforestation of the forest. Every great project needs five essential traits to be realized: ideas, planning, will power, collaboration and humanity. This year, 2017, we have reached our aim: 64000 families (384.630 people) live thanks to the realization of this dream. The extension of the land called Varzeas arrives at 300 million hectares even just in the State of Parà. With our method could be achieved the production of 50 tons of food per hectare. That means we could potentially reach the 50 billion tons of annual production.

With this new project we could help people in many places in the World, providing food and water for everyone, and solving the problems of hunger and immigration.