Paghera’s headquarter

Hidden in a large green area, the corporate headquarter is organized around the business centre, the heart of the company, in constant contact with numerous foreign offices, where the idea take birth and the project takes form. The regular and elegant building features, evoking the image of an iron and glass greenhouse. Inside, among splendid samples of flowers and tropical plants, are collocated the offices and the areas dedicated to services. A happy image of professionalism, sophisticated technology, creativity, botanical knowledge, deep respect for the environment and for the wonder, which are the clue of the project signed Paghera.

All around the central building takes life the vast garden: a succession of refined green sceneries, dotted by ponds decorated with beautiful water lilies and iris and animated by the discreet murmur of streams.

Nearby, an elegant lodge overlooks a pond in the Dragon garden, which owes its name to the creature in stone that oversees it. A secluded, quiet, secret place, where to find serenity and concentration.

Behind the headquarters, along the fountains boulevard, a spouting succession of green compartments regular forms framed lushes, introduces to the Italian garden, where the pavilion of the parties and the orangery, center of the events space, are intended to the reception of guests.

Next to the reception area, is hiding a discreet white garden, where flowers of roses, acacia trees, tulips and azaleas, all strictly white, dictate the pictures’ splendor.

A light pergola, on which climbs a vine, marks the border of the garden area: low fences woven reeds barely contain the joy of colorful wild flowers and herbs wandering, among which are grown cucurbits, vegetables and herbs.